Health Insurance Twitter Chat: The Good, The Bad, The Hacks

Insurance. Often one of the most frustrating systems to navigate in healthcare. Patients and caregivers are baffled when insurance won’t cover a medication that could save them countless hospital visits or when they’re told pricey procedures are covered and months later receive a hefty bill in the mail. Or my personal favorite, when I call my insurance provider to get clarification on coverage and they say “The information you receive today is not a guarantee of coverage.” Great. Thanks!

On a regular basis here at Clara, patients reach out to ask if we can help connect them to a clinical trial, either because they lost their insurance or their insurance is refusing to cover the care they need.

So let’s chat, commiserate, and team up to help each other out so we can work together to create change. Join us on Thursday, July 12 at 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET and start dreaming up the answers to the questions now! 

  1. Tell us about a frustrating experience you’ve had dealing with insurance as a patient or caregiver.

  2. How did you go about fighting for the care you needed? Was the issue resolved?

  3. What are your top tips for patients and caregivers navigating insurance?

  4. What resources would you recommend to patients and caregivers who could use an extra hand navigating insurance?

  5. "Have you sought alternative treatments before, such as clinical trials or compassionate use? How did your insurance provider work to accommodate (or fail to help you with) these treatments?"

  6. What are the ways we can work to improve the patient experience navigating insurance?

Lilly Stairs is an autoimmune patient and the Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara.