Self-Care Through the Holiday Hullabaloo

holiday twitter chat

The holidays are in full swing! Between wrapping presents, cooking, parties, and more it can be overwhelming to manage your everyday life plus a chronic condition during the holidays. To close out the year, Clara Health has teamed up with Pack Health for a special Patients Have Power Twitter Chat to discuss ways you can practice self-care throughout the holiday season.

Join us on Thursday December 13 at 3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT for our final chat of the year.


Q1: What are your biggest stressors during the holiday season?

Q2: What are your favorite self-care tips to practice especially during the holiday season?

Q3: Often times, the holidays aren’t just difficult on the body physically, but mentally as well. How do you take good care of your mental health during the holidays?

Q4: Many people living with chronic condition have dietary restrictions. Any advice for managing dietary restrictions during the holidays? Recipes welcome!

Q5: What are your “self-care” new year's resolutions?

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