Twitter Chat: Chronic Relationships



Remember back in the day when you would update your Facebook status to “It’s complicated” and thought it could never get more complicated than that moment?

Ha. Funny how things change!

Life as a patient can be complicated. Life as a caregiver can be complicated. Add relationships to the mix and you’ve entered a whole new territory.

But it’s our friends, family, partners, pets, and loved ones that make it all worth it. So in honor of Valentine’s day and the month of love, we’re getting personal. 

It’s time to talk relationships.

Join us Thursday, February 1st at 3:00 PM ET for February’s #PatientsHavePower Twitter Chat, where we cover love in the shadow - and light - of chronic illness.

It’s time to talk relationships.

Q1: Who have been your biggest fans through your patient journey? Or whose biggest fan have you been through theirs?

Q2: Share a challenging moment your relationship has faced because of life as a patient or caregiver.

Q3: Share a special moment your relationship has experienced because of life as a patient or caregiver.

Q4: What are your tips for a newly diagnosed patient working to learn their “new normal” when navigating relationships?

Q5: When it comes to relationships, what topics would you like to see patients discussing more openly?

Q6: What is something you will commit to doing for a loved one this month to show them you care?

CT: Has this chat taught you something new? Inspired you to take action? What are your takeaways?

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