Twitter Chat: #PatientsHavePower & #WTFix

WTFix PHP Chat

We’re so excited to share that we’re teaming up with our #WTFix friends for a special edition of the #PatientsHavePower chat.

This month we’re talking accessibility. Because let’s face it…we’ve made progress but the world has got a long way to go in accommodating patient needs especially when we talk about access.

But why this topic? Well, the HealthSparq team is working to revolutionize the online event experience with their upcoming #WTFix conference on May 17. They believe that everyone should have an immersive conference experience even if they cannot physically be present. And here at Clara, we’re committed to ensuring that all patients have access to information on breakthrough treatments and clinical trials no matter what their tech literacy is. That’s why our Breakthrough Crew Ambassadors are taking a “boots on the ground” approach to raising awareness in their community.

Our companies share the same values...and we know you do too! We’re all trying to make healthcare more accessible! So let’s chat about it. What have you experienced? What are you working on? How can we make it better together?

We’re looking forward to an informative chat with concrete takeaways to improve access. We hope you will join us Thursday, April 12th at 3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT for the chat!

Q1: What access issues have you or a friend experienced as a patient or caregiver? 

Q2: How could that experience have been prevented or improved? 

Q3: What successful initiatives have you seen working to improve access for patients and caregivers? 

Q4: Where are access initiatives still missing?  Where does more work need to be done? 

Q5: How can we work together to improve accessibility for patients and caregivers? 

Q6: In honor of our special #WTFix guests, what are your thoughts on ways we can improve the online conference experience?

CT: Has this chat taught you something new? Inspired you to take action? What are your takeaways?

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