Patients Have Power Twitter Chat: Empowering Communities On and Offline

This year’s Patients Have Power campaign theme “Taking it to the Streets: From Hospitals to Hair Salons” is challenging the healthcare community to raise grassroots awareness in their local communities.

With digital being all the rage, we’ve increasingly seen advocacy and awareness move online. While this is an exciting and effective way to reach a large audience, we believe boots on the ground, in-person initiatives are equally important. Healthcare should be human.

In this month’s special one-year anniversary chat, we’ll talk about ways patient advocates and industry can join forces to raise widespread awareness about the tools and resources that help to unlock patient power.

Join us on Thursday, October 2 at 3:00 PM ET, 12:00 PM PT!

  1. What tools and resources do you direct patients to to help empower them?

  2. How do you raise awareness about patient power online?

  3. How do you raise awareness about patient power offline?

  4. What are your top tips for raising awareness effectively offline?

  5. How can industry best support patients in their advocacy work?

  6. How can patients best support industry in their work to develop treatments and solutions for patients?

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