It’s time to celebrate patient power.

Society tells us a patient is sick or weak.

But we know this isn’t true. Don’t let the hours spent in waiting rooms, in exam rooms, in hospital corridors fool you.

Every patient has power.

Power: It’s a funny word.

Too often, we think that power means power over someone or some circumstance. That power is influence or control. That power is about winning or beating something.

But that’s not true power.

We believe that true power is in celebrating life deeper and truer than most.

True power is to appreciate the moment. A quiet smile, the holding of hands, the sharing of laughter over a bad joke.

True power is to enjoy the company of loved ones, and to believe that your present will not dictate your future, even in the midst of darkness.

True power is faith. Faith in family, faith in friends, faith in a higher power, faith in research, faith in yourself. Whatever you choose to believe in, we all share a faith in a better tomorrow.

Power: It’s something reserved only for those who have been tested, and emerged from the test stronger - with a story to tell.   

Patients have true power.  

We - patients, caretakers, and allies - are coming together to spread the message. To change the narrative. And to celebrate the power in every patient, everywhere.

If you, like us, believe in patient power, we invite you to join us in the celebration.

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