Patients Have Power Writing Contest Submissions

Patients Have Power Writing Contest Submissions

The first ever Patients Have Power Writing Contest was a smashing success! We had 30 submissions from patient advocates, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. From educational pieces covering the history of clinical trials to moving stories sharing how clinical trials changed their life... these posts have undoubtedly brought us one step closer to our goal of raising widespread awareness about the power of breakthrough research and clinical trials.

We've compiled the submissions here for your reading pleasure! Enjoy and please do share, share, share!

Many thanks to all who participated!

Chris Anselmo took home first place with his piece enntitled "Invaluable" written on his blog Sidewalks and Stairwells. You can read his piece here and view an excerpt below.

Despite the setback, there is no denying we are in an unprecedented time in the history of medicine. Never before has so much innovation and scientific progress been made in such a short period of time. CRISPR, gene therapy, exon skipping, immunotherapy – anyone plugged into the world of drug development is familiar with these groundbreaking advances, and they have all come about in the last few years. For someone like myself living with an adult-onset form of muscular dystrophy that has no treatment, on the whole I have never been more optimistic. I believe, in my heart of hearts, that in a lab somewhere in the world, maybe in a petri dish or test tube, lies the beginnings of what will one day be a cure for my disease.

Kim Hartmann came in second place with her piece entitled "The Impact of a Trial" written on her blog Autonomic RN . You can read her entry here and view an excerpt below.

The patient empowerment era has been gaining traction and moving swiftly. Thinking back to even two years ago is something stark in contrast to today. We are in the age where numerous opportunities for clinical trials exist. It is an option that should be made available to every patient, every time. Empowering them is a must.

Maria Thomas rounded out our finalists taking third place with her piece entitled "Clinical Trials -- Where Patients Have Power" on her blog My Life as a Puddle. You can read Maria's entry here and view an excerpt below.

My feet are dripping wet and slippery, as if they’ve been dipped in Vaseline. The floor becomes dangerous to walk on. My hands. Bubbles of sweat pooling up and over my fingertips and appearing from nowhere. I’m trying not to ruin my keyboard as I type this. My palms are literally dripping puddles on the keys thanks to my excessive sweating condition – also known as hyperhidrosis... Currently, there is no cure for hyperhidrosis. In order to find one, or at least create more treatment options, we need clinical trials.

Patients Have Power Writing Contest Entries

"More Than Lab Rats"
The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles
Brooke Abbott

"A Lesson In History: Clinical Trials Mean Patients Have Power"
Rising Inside the Embers
Rie Lopez

"Without Clinical Trials: I Would Be Dead!"
Leukemia Fighter! (CML); I AM Dancing and Traveling My Way Through
Michele Tschirhart

"Patients Have Power: Breakthrough Research and Clinical Trials"
Destiny's House Church
Beth Gore

"#PatientsHavePower: The Gift of Breakthrough Research and Clinical Trials"
Arthritis Ashley
Ashley Boynes-Shuck

"Patients, Power, Participation: How Enrolling in Clinical Trials Can Help Ensure That the Future of Pain Medicine is Now"
Skillyfully Well & Painfully Aware
Katrina Zulak

"Why I'm Not Discouraged About Being Sick"
Let's Talk IBD
Maggie Baldwin

"Clinical Trials — Patients Have Power"
PBC Advocate Blog
Cathy Mumford

"Looking for a Needle in a Haystack"
Nurse Advocate
Anne Llewellyn

"Patients Have Power"
Kath Fantastic
Kathleen Nicholls

"The Importance of Research and Clinical Trials"
Chronically Fabulous
Samantha Rynearson

"The Power of Love"
Inflamed: Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Angela Lundberg

"Finding Hope Through A Trial"
Painfully Optimistic
Ross McCreery

"Demystifying Clinical Trials"
iPain Foundation Blog
Ken Taylor

"Breaking Through Clinical Trials with Patient Power"
Barby Ingle

"What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials"
Shannon the NP
Shannon Brose

"My Entry For Patients Have Power Writing Contest"
Chirayu Writer

"Patients Have Power: My Journey with Methotrexate and Alternative Therapies"
Rising Above RA

"My Journey with LDN — Patients Have Power"
Kristin Tousignant

"Clinical Trials: Should you, Could you, Will you?"
Chemo Brain...In the Fog
AnneMarie Ciccarella

"The Counterfactual Conundrum"
The Counterfactual Brain
Beth Morton

"All about Clinical Trials"
Kate the Almost Great
Kate Mitchell

"Joining a Clinical Trial"
Vickie Wilkerson
Vickie Wilkerson

"Patients Have Power!"
Patient Advocacy for All
Cynthia Brown

"A (Partial) History of Me"
Natalie Abbott: Writer & Rider
Natalie Abbott

"Clinical Trials"
Psoriasis Network
Diane Talbert

"Clinical Trials - @unitedadvocacy - Judy the United Advocate my thoughts"
United Advocacy Australia
Judy Flanagan